Two brains but mostly heart

Andrew has never been risk-averse. He began his writing career during a market crash, working as a freelance journalist. After penning a few cover stories, however, he decided he’d like to start paying his rent on time. So, he tried his hand at copywriting.

A couple of campaigns later, Andrew started to think about the secret sauce that went into the creative briefs he was so fond of. His quest for informed creative would eventually lead him into the realm of content strategy.

Today, he uses his understanding of both disciplines to see an idea through from concept to post-launch. Though his background is digital, he feels equally at home ideating an integrated campaign as he does building a website or mobile app.

Andrew has been fortunate enough to work with brands like Audi, Bell, eBay/Kijiji, FreshBooks, Harley-Davidson, Interac, MS Society of Canada, Plan International, and RBC Royal Bank.

Outside of the office, he's into hot yoga, southern rap, coffee and spicy curry. Just not at the same time.