Andrew Rennie is a beloved digital copywriter and content strategist. This is his website.  





Andrew has never been risk-averse; he began his journalism career during a market crash. After penning a few cover stories and interviewing the likes of De La Soul, Slayer and French Montana, he decided he’d like to start paying his rent on time. So, he tried his hand at copywriting.

A couple of key wins later, Andrew started to think about the secret sauce that went into the creative briefs he was so fond of. His quest for quantifiable creative would lead him into the realm of content strategy. Here, he learned about segment marketing, user experience design, information architecture and more.

Today, Andrew occupies two lanes: digital copywriting and content strategy. As a result, he can see an execution through from concept to post-launch -- and report on its success every step of the way. Andrew has been fortunate enough to work with brands like Audi, Bell, eBay/Kijiji, FreshBooks, Harley-Davidson, Interac, ParticipACTION, Panasonic, RBC Royal Bank and WE.

Outside of the office, he's into distance running, southern rap, coffee and spicy curry. Just not at the same time.



Contacting Andrew is pretty easy, unless the Raptors game is on. Try one of these methods: